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A few items for purchase- These are all hand crafted and typically one of a kind so certain features will change and by all means if you'd prefer a different finish, we can certainly accomodate. AND! since these are each created to be one-of-a-kind, we'll need some lead time to create your item.

Classean style table &/or bench

Starting @ $210

This table/bench is made from 90% reclaimed barnwood. Infact if you look close you can see the huge nail holes that the nails were painfully difficult to remove.  Many color schemes available. This one is 30" tall, 32" wide and 72" long. It resembles the "Emmerson Style" by West Elm but with the ClassWoodworks spin.

Price of table ranges from $735 on up depening on size

Price of bench ranges from $210 on up depening on size

Towel/clothes drying rack


Super ingenious wall to dry your things. This syle is easily hinged closed to a magnetic catch untill ready to use again. Stainless or aluminum rods too eliminating warped wood dowels or staining fabric.

Bartop, counterop, Islands, etc


Another favorite, this picture was indeed a bar top with a naturally weathered edge. I've also constructed similar tops for outdoor counters, grilling stations, kitchen islands even ammunition reloading tops for those who want somthing off the beaten path.

So many variables determine price so please inquire and we'll work out the deails.

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LCC Style Table

Starting @ $210

Wow! Is all we could say when this live edge walnut was finished. The top on this one is 1.5" thick, legs are metal flat bar with natural mill scale and a nice color contrast with the turnbuckles. Many sizes can be made to order, this one was 30" tall, approx 36" wide and 72" long.  Something that might be neat would be to reverse the live edge to the inside and inlay another piece.  AND yes! the centerpiece is free upon order of a table.

Matching live edge benches can also be added.

Price of table ranges from $875 on up depending on size. Corresponding bench ranges from $210 on up depending on size.

Reception Log Card Box


This was an interesting piece. I was asked to create this based upon an image found and well, how much more cute can a chunk of firewood be? The actual purpose of this is for wedding reception cards but could be used as a flower planter(with top removed), misc junk holder, mail drop point, keys, donation drop point, etc. Size is approx 14" tall, 12" diameter.

Prices range from $100-$220 depending on size, perhaps name/date in the heart, etc.

Wood galore!


From dimensional lumber to mantles. We have a contact for it all. Send us a note and we'll point you inthe right direction. Many many species including walnut, cherry, ash, maple, oak, elm, locust, hackberry, and more. Some is dry, some greener, some can be get the idea on possibilities.

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