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ClassWoodworks is a simple, small family business finding warmth and pleasure working with one of natures products, wood. It all started when a grandfather gave a little boy a few pieces of wood, some nails and a hammer(he didn't know I found the hammer)... many holes in granny's kitchen table later, a woodworker was born.


My name is Andy, owner/creator/everything in-between and I provide fine woodworking for contemporary feel and also the rustic barnwood fad that everybody can't help but love.  I love to repurpose the old, crafting something new. No idea is too small or large.  I also own a portable sawmill to turn trees into lumber.  If great great grandpa planted that red oak 120 years ago and a storm took it down, what better way to memorialize loved ones by taking that tree, sawing into lumber and building a heirloom piece to last the test of time.


Check out the project pics or send me one of your ideas for a possible project that you are not quite sure how to get started, perhaps we can work it out together.


We're located in Nebraska, heart of the midwest. 


- let the sawdust fly

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